Almost too good to pour from

DecanteRing by Ron Arad

Underpinned by extraordinary craftsmanship and painstaking production process, the DecanteRing wine decanter pushes the possibilities of glassware and is worthy of display whether in use or not.

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Modern with a twist of glamour

The Hepburn Collection

Brad Ascalon believes in uncomplicated design that manages to strike the balance of form, function and concept.  

By gently weighting the bottoms, Ascalon adds stability and a sense of authority to each piece.

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The NUDE SUMMER Cocktail

Inspired by beautiful summer lighting and NUDE's Big Top Collection glassware, Morten Krag, mixologist, reviewer and creator of TheCocktail Blog, created specially for us a summer cocktail, The NUDE Summer.

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Stem Zero Ion-Shielding

To solve the issue of luxury yet fragile glassware, NUDE’s Research & Development department of 138 people has developed a breakthrough product and technology; Stem Zero ion-shielding technology.

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Iris Apfel X NUDE

“In case you haven’t noticed, 

I’m hardly a minimalist. 
Just because I like to layer just a couple of chains,
This is my simplicity.
Simplicity is a state of mind.
And I think simple is beautiful.”



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