NUDE's ethos

Simple is beautiful

We live in a confusing world, too many choices, too many products, too much 'noise'. NUDE believes things can be different; the remedy is simple. 

Simple, beautiful and timeless designs, created for modern living with the aim to unclutter our lives.

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NUDE Rock & Pop Artist COllection skulls limited and small by Cins 3000


Rock & op Artist Collection

Add your own custom content to give Our Rock & Pop collection is an homage to all forms of creativity: from the tattoo artists, the illustrators, to the graffiti artists. The collection is our invitation to the fearless and the expressive, and those who have paved their way with their creativity. 

We challenged each artist to imprint their own mark on our existing collections - and to reimagine their work through the lens of our crystalline glass. The results are playful, modern classics for tomorrow’s homes.information about your store, availability details...