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When every day feels the same, treat yourself with a Fridayafternoon celebration. Be it alone, or virtually with your team, friends or family.

Get weekly inspiration by our "simple" cocktails created by and make your home bar a little bit more special with NUDE by checking out our weekly offerings.

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The very first

NUDE Mixologist Competition

From margaritas to martinis, our contemporary glassware is ideal for entertaining and getting creative with autumnal concoctions. 

In 2019 we launched our very first NUDE mixology competition, with amazing outcomes... Too good to not keep sharing...


NUDE Retail Catalog 2020

Our NUDE Retail Catalog can be browsed through online, or you can download it as a pdf by selecting "download" in the menu.Want to share NUDE's products with your friends? Use the share function and spread the word.

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NUDE Mixologist Competition

NUDE Mixologist Competition

To celebrate the Hepburn Collection, designed by Brad Ascalon, we connect this collection to our very first inaugural NUDE Mixologist Competition. ...

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Unique Tastes, Best Glasses

Unique Tastes, Best Glasses

Straight or on The Rocks?  Once upon a time when you ordered whisky, this was what the bartender would have asked you. Requirements like soda or wa...

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