A tribute to Scotland

The Alba Collection

Deriving from the Gaelic word meaning ‘Scotland’, our Alba collection is a homage to the spiritual home of whisky.

The range is tied together by a cleverly deconstructed and hand-engraved tartan pattern, which adorns the base: again, referencing Scotland’s own history and culture.

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The Alba Collection

The collection was designed to be short and heavy-bottomed, with the Alba whisky bottle tapering towards the brim to preserve the spirit’s flavours and aromas. A circular stopper can also be found on the bottle, which gently tilts in the conical neck of the carafe — an invitation to keep it pointing towards Scotland.

“Alba’s beautiful simplicity made me think of a beautifully simple whisky; nothing too fancy, just a perfectly balanced whisky to match the glassware. So, I opted for a triple cask whisky. A beautiful malt whisky made in Speyside, rested in American oak, European oak and ex bourbon whiskey barrels. Hence the name, ‘triple cask’.”     @thewestmount.

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For those seeking minimalism

The Malt Collection

The Malt collection is a sleek, minimalist solution for any whisky lover. 

Here, @thewestmount paired the collection with a 12 year old malt whisky from Speyside: an area known as being the heart of all whisky distilleries in Scotland.

‘The area creates particularly light fruity whiskies that are very soft and easy to drink. I have deliberately paired this with the Malt collection as the smooth curves reminded me of the smooth, light, apricot-esque flavours in the whisky!’

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The Islands Collection

Our Islands whisky tasting glasses are instantly recognisable, courtesy of their generous base and gently flared rim: both expertly shaped to enhance the whisky drinking and nosing experience.

@thewestmount paired a pair of our Islands glasses with what he calls the Crown Jewel of whisky: a 21 year old single malt.

“After the whisky has matured for 21 years, the malt master then adds even warmer and richer flavours by finishing the whisky in first fill bourbon barrels that once contained rum from the Caribbean! This brings notes of warm vanilla, cinnamon and clove that you wouldn’t normally expect with such a well rested single malt.”

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The Caldera Collection

The Caldera collection features a distinctive V-shaped motif and vertical cuts, adding statement flair to a classic glass silhouette. The result is a collection that is both mesmerizing and functional. 

Murray showcased the Caldera Whisky Glass (pictured) with one of his favourite - and in his opinion, best - whisky cocktails there is: the whisky sour.

“The whisky sour is an incredibly versatile cocktail that anyone can enjoy! The cocktail uses blended malt whisky, fresh lemon juice, demerara syrup, angostura bitters and egg white for a velvety mouthfeel.” 

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Now available!

Memento Mori Whiskey

Our Memento Mori collection captures our simple but striking design philosophy: a show-stopping addition to any tabletop. The striking skull-shaped silhouette is cast from faceted crystalline glass that catches the light in a mesmerising fashion and topped with a practical stopper.

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