For those seeking minimalism

The Malt Collection

Designed by Finnish designer Mikko Laakkonen, the collection is a sleek solution for the minimalist whisky lover.

Introducing our latest edition, the tall version of the Malt bottle. The timeless design combines a smooth wooden tray with a generous carafe crafted from the finest lead-free crystal. The piece’s clean lines and a gently curved silhouette will harmonise beautifully with the bowls and glasses from the range.

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For the whiskey connoisseur

The Islands Collection

Style and substance; our Islands range features a stylish design which elevates any table arrangement but also concentrates the whisky aromas, optimising your sensory experience.

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Featured collection

A tribute to Scotland

The Alba Collection

With its name derived from the Gaelic word meaning Scotland, the NUDE Alba collection pays tribute to the spiritual home of whisky. The range is unified by the cleverly deconstructed and hand engraved tartan pattern, which adorns the heavy-bottomed base. An instant modern classic cut from the finest lead-free crystal.

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Inspired by the campfire

The Camp Collection

Design for optimal taste and flavour, the Camp collection ‘x’ shaped bottom is reminiscent of burning logs on a fire, a feeling similar to the one you get from tasting a great whiskey.

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Simple is Beautiful

The Finesse Collection

Disregard convention with the minimalist silhouette of our Finesse and Finesse Grid Whisky glasses.

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