NUDE is teaming up with Camille Vidal

NUDE Mindful Cocktails

Camille’s approach towards mixology is set in the belief that considering what and how we drink — and being mindful all the way through — is an act of joy. Her platform, La Maison Wellness, is dedicated to expanding the conversation around Mindful Drinking and conscious consumption for Healthy Hedonists: centering on less or no-alcohol cocktails that use better ingredients to nourish the body and mind.

‘Mindful Cocktails are cocktails made with a more mindful approach, less or no alcohol and always better ingredients. It's about bringing mindfulness into the glass and understanding that what we drink- like what we eat- has an impact on our body and our mind. I’m excited to share with you some of my favourite recipes showing that tasty doesn’t have to be boozy. Let’s make what’s inside your NUDE Glass as beautiful as the vessel itself! To drink well is to live well… so let’s become Healthy Hedonists together!’

— @madamecamillevidal

Mindful Drinking

As with any journey, it starts with awareness, with bringing awareness into our drinking habits. It’s about options: one night that might look like a non-alcoholic beer, another a mindful cocktail with your favourite gin. It’s the journey of finding what works for us, our lifestyle and most importantly makes us happy.

Camille created four specially-made Mindful Cocktails for NUDE, to provide inspiration and show how delicious mindful drinking can be.

Learn more from Camille on how to start Mindful drinking in our blog.

Young Cuban

‘Young Cuban’, an alcohol-free bubbly rum-like cocktail inspired by the ever classic Old Cuban: presented beautiful in our NUDE Savage Coupetini.

50ml Clean R Rum

20ml Fresh lime juice

10ml Maple Syrup

Optional dash of bitters

Handful of mint

Top of with alcohol-free sparkling wine


Let us transport you to the south of France with our classic, refreshing anise-like aperitif served in our NUDE Pure Bourgogne glass.

40ml Alcohol free Pastis

20ml Orgeat (almond syrup)

Top off with still water


Sweet Dreams

'Sweet Dreams’ - an alcohol free martini style cocktail, with the power of plants for ultimate taste and relaxation, served in NUDE's Savage Pony glass.

50ml Edi Spirited Euphoria

40ml Strong Chamomile Tea infusion

20ml Honey water

Spray of Orange Blossom water

Stir briefly

Easy Peasy

‘Easy Peasy’ (exactly what all Monday’s should be): a cocktail so simple and so delicious, it’ll make any celebration a feel good moment. A cocktail inspired by NUDE's Mist Dusty Rose collection.

Featured in our NUDE Hepburn coupe glass.

20ml Raspberry and Rosemary syrup

50ml Pink Grapefruit

Top off with Raspberry Kombucha