NUDE & Ikebana

In a time where mindfulness is more important than ever, we’re embracing Ikebana, the Japanese art of spiritual flower arranging. Like our glassware, its aesthetic embodies simplicity and a serene beauty. 

Ikebana is a tradition that began in the 6th century for ritual flower-offerings to the Buddha, and has since evolved into many different interpretations. At its core, it is a meditative practice that encourages us to take a step back and channel the mind into the beauty of floral art.

In collaboration with Barry Marre, @the_ikebana_project, NUDE stepped into the world of Ikebana resulting in amazing creations using a selection of NUDE vessels and vases.


Ikebana philosophy

These striking arrangements are considered and sculptural; each can differ in size and composition, and asymmetry simply adds to their ethereal style.

The space between each element is as important as the blossoms themselves, establishing a balance of shapes and silhouettes that evokes the Japanese minimalism at the heart of this technique.

These considerations draw our energy into the creation of a mindful art form that exposes the natural beauty of seasonal blossoms, branches and leaves.

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Featured collection

Mist by Tamer Nakışçı

This wide, sculptural vase from the NUDE Mist collection by Tamer Nakisçi is created using traditional glassmaking methods: cast from lead-free corrugated crystal, a simple yet decorative piece is formed. The tactile ripple effect makes the flower stems seem slightly blurred, redirecting the eye to the petals.

The design of the Mist vase is perfect for the minimalistic approach of Ikebana and creates a synergy between vase and flower. Here presented with the flower Spinea Snip Snowmound.

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Layers by Defne Koz

Graphic shapes and translucent shades merge in the NUDE Layers collection. Formed of three blown-glass vessels in graphical forms, every piece has been designed to sit within one another so that their translucent hues may overlap — the result being a magical prism of colour.

For the Ikebana creation we used the combination of the Layers medium sized vase in amber and the white vase in tall. Creating the perfect base for a minimalistic arrangement with the flower Kniphovia Uvaria.

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Silhouette by Space Copenhagen

Cut from pure lead-free crystal, this NUDE Silhouette bowl will seamlessly slot into any space. The piece’s simple, clean shape lets the crystalline glass take centre stage – a perfect choice for those who favour timeless materials, shapes and colours over surplus details and ornamentation.

For Ikebana we wanted to show the Silhouette bowl with a different function, showing the multi functionality of the item. Here beautifully presented with and arrangement of Acer flowers.

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Opti by Defne Koz

With its clean, softly curved lines and the mesmerising, vertical ripple pattern, this sophisticated yet informal NUDE Opti centrepiece presents a timeless and luxe quality. Carved from lead-free crystal, the resulting object is as versatile as it is simple and puts the beauty of the crystalline glass front and centre.

Barry created an elegant, simple Ikebana arrangement in the Opti centrepiece using the flowers Molucella Laevis and Viburnum.

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